2020’s Biggest Gift

by Kraig Guffey | Dec 22, 2020

It isn’t something you can touch, see, or smell – it is a reminder.

The reminder: We are never in full control.


Why is that reminder such a big gift?

  1. It helps us to not miss out.

When we operate in an environment where control is overvalued or believed in too strongly, we, in turn, put too much stock in our success or failure – did we win or did we lose? And when we put too much stock in our own success or failure, we tend to miss life’s way of teaching.

When we have overvalued control, we tend to stop tinkering, we tend to stop testing, and we tend to stop risking.

It’s the tinkering, testing, and risking that bring about new ideas, new insights, and new understandings.

This reminder, if we will let it, can propel us into places we’ve never known.

  1. It brings about peace.

When we acknowledge there are variables of life and business that are 100% out of our control – we can exhale. We can breathe lighter knowing it’s not all up to “me/we/us.” We can find our comfort in our effort, not the outcomes.

This reminder, if we will let it, can unlock peace in ways we’ve never known.

As I personally reflect on this year through the lens of Syrup I couldn’t be more proud and inspired by the way clients, partners, and our team set example after example of this. Controlling what could be controlled, but not thinking we could control everything. It allowed for new ideas to be shaped, new skills to be learned, new faces to be welcomed, and a way to still enjoy even while “hard” was pressing in on all sides.

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