3 Things to Stop Doing in Your Marketing Today

by Morgan Alverson | Sep 29, 2020

Marketing can be intimidating for some, but I’ll let you in on a little secret – it is simple. Like, really simple.

 Know your audience, and talk to them like a human.

That’s it! That’s the secret to marketing. But let me tell you this – not many companies follow this. So (SO) many are guilty of not actually understanding their audience and marketing to them with words like “groundbreaking” and “propriety.” They make it all about their product/service.

It’s all confusing, boring marketing speak that has led us all to ignore it. But we can change that. And we can make our marketing better. Marketing that attracts and converts.

Here are 3 things you need to stop doing in your marketing today to make it more effective.

Stop making it all about you.

Here’s another marketing secret – it is never about you. Or your product/service. The key to success in marketing is to make it all about your audience. And the more we can remember that, the better we will all be. Do you know your audience? Truly know them? (If you aren’t sure, start by reading Kraig’s post on knowing your unique audience here.) Your marketing should be all about them – their fears, their feelings, and their needs. 

Stop asking for the buy first. 

Would you ever walk up to a stranger and ask them to marry you? Sounds crazy, right? So why do we rush to asking for the buy in marketing? You have to provide value and get your audience to trust you first. Let them get to know you.

Stop using marketing speak.

I’ll admit, this one is tough for me. But it might be the most important. We’re all human, and we just wanted to be treated as such. In your marketing, start using real words. Use words you would actually use in an in-person conversation with someone. When you finish typing out that email, read it out loud. If it sounds like a TV commercial, change it. Make it sound like a person on the other end of the computer. This gives that email (or landing page, ad, social post, etc.) personality.

Go give your marketing a gut check today. Are you doing any of these 3 things? If so, change it up. Start treating your audience like they are human beings. That’s where the magic happens.

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