8 Second Challenge

by Jordan-Ann Powell | May 17, 2022

You have less than 8 seconds with a prospect. Can you get their attention? Can you communicate that what you do helps them? 

Get their attention: Identify with a problem or pain that they experience.

  • “Asset inventory is a painful process that takes forever.” 
  • “Employee benefit renewals are a headache.” 
  • “HR and payroll take focus away from the business needs.”

Paint a picture for a better tomorrow: How can working with you help them achieve x, y, z?

  • “We improve your time to inventory, guaranteed.” 
  • “It is possible for your benefits package to align with your goals and have your employees thank you.” 
  • “Increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover with a PEO.”

Be clear and concise: Don’t forget to share what you do. Break through the fluff and ensure you are straightforward about what you provide. 

  •  “We provide the most efficient asset tracking software on the market.”
  • “We are the only employee benefits partner that gives you clarity, creativity and confidence.”
  • “We offer solutions for Payroll, HR and Business Administration.”

What other ways do you connect with prospects?

How do you earn the right for more time with prospects?

How do you make the time you do get with prospects the most meaningful? 

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