Achieving Creativity in Times of Despair

by Jordan-Ann Powell | Dec 1, 2020

For centuries, great works of art have come from immense joy or terrifying despair. A very subjective concept, but the point of it is that everyone has a different approach to creativity. For many people and businesses, this year has felt like a trough of despair.

During times of despair, challenges feel harder. Realistic timelines feel too slow or too fast. If this mentality is nurtured, it can be devastating to the creative process.

I’m not here to solve this today, but to relate to the challenges so many people are feeling right now and share some ways in which I’ve found to help.


This isn’t always perfect, however the more of it, the better. Even the uncomfortable conversations need to take place. This may be one of the most intimidating things when you already feel vulnerable, however, I’ve experienced that every single one of my relationships is strengthened when open communication is present. This applies to my life personally, with my team and my clients.

Get outside 

Breathe in the fresh air and soak up the vitamin D. Now, more than ever, it may feel like there’s a wall up – whether that’s a socially-driven wall, a physical wall in your house or a digital wall. Get outside and breathe the same air (safely, from a distance) as your neighbors. Take a minute to sit and find something, anything, to appreciate. It’s a gift.

Try something new 

Take a risk. If you’ve always done something one way, this is the time to try it another way. I’m a cautious person by nature (enneagram 6, for those interested). This means I also find myself in a rut and I struggle to think creatively if I do the same thing day in and day out. This can be as simple as moving to another room to do a normal task or as big as attempting a new marketing method. Trying something new opens the door to think differently and from new perspectives.

What are some ways you find creativity or inspiration in your life? I’d love to hear! 

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