Wait, can you do that? Core Values Conversation.

by Kraig Guffey | Mar 3, 2020

Hopefully you didn’t miss Kate’s last post on Building a Brand around Core Values – if yes, make sure to check that out.

It really set the stage for this post.

Which is all about….

Changing (wait. what?). Yes, changing your core values.

I know this topic intimately.

We just rolled out new core values here at Syrup to kick off 2020.

If what Kate says is true, and we believe it very much is:

‘To build longevity, loyalty and authenticity into your voice, your story, your message, and your logo, you must make sure that your brand articulates your values. At Syrup, we believe in building brands from the inside out where your values, your purpose, and your why are all at the center from which everything radiates.’

That means all business leaders need to take an honest look in the mirror from time to time and ask – Are these values I can carry & be the model of? Do these values really represent the team we have? Will they propel us toward the vision we have as a business?

Like our personal selves – we change as we age. 

We learn.

We experience.

We win.

We lose.

We stretch.

We grow.

Through those experiences we wake up 5, 10, 15, 20 years later and realize we are different than who we were when we began.

I had that look in the mirror moment in Q3 of last year. I knew our team & I knew our goal – and in my gut I knew that we had values that were deeper, more core, and more motivating than the ones we were hiring/firing/managing with.

It was a BIG change.

The previous core values traced back more than 12 years into the core business that merged with Syrup in 2015.

They served us well as we navigated the merger & helped drive a culture that the team wanted to be a part of. But we had changed.

We learned.

We experienced.

We won.

We lost.

We stretched.

We grew.

So we acknowledged it. And took our own medicine to get healthy.

It started with an exercise I can’t recommend enough:

Write the name of your team members – if there are many of them, just pick 2 or 3 of your best. The people you would clone and hire every time if you could.

Then start to list out the adjectives and traits that make those folks so special.

This list is what is core to your business.

It takes work to refine it. Sometimes it takes outside help to get the right ones. But where you land will be core.

Syrup's core values

When I start my day from the perspective of those 3 values, I feel my energy level rise. I feel more motivated to attack the day. And when I look around and see the faces of the team and I know they are operating from the same space it creates incredible momentum.

And as Kate mentioned, it should. We’ve seen it re-shape our message, our position, and the work we do for ourselves.

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