Direct Mail Marketing: Seven Key Copy Drivers

One of the most interesting things I discovered at the Lunch and Learn talk Ansley and I attended concerns the seven key copy drivers found in the book Secrets of Emotional, Hot-Button Copywriting. You experience this every day. This is what they say:

All copy plays on the following emotions:

“Pass up this offer and you’ll be living in a van down by the river.”

“Get the Benjamins! The Swashbuckler’s Guide to Becoming a MultiMillionaire”

“If you don’t help us meet our donation goal, the orphaned puppies will not survive!”

“Don’t let the man take away our libraries! Vote Today!”

“For Your Eyes Only: Rock-bottom computer prices too good to share.”

“We can protect you from our nation’s greatest threat–bears!”

“You’ve been selected as one of Beep Bop Boy Band’s cutest fans! Join the official fan club.”

For example: Susie received a direct mail piece that read “LAST CHANCE” on the outside of the envelope, followed by “Don’t disappoint the child you care about.” So what happened, she pulled out her credit card. They used emotion to get her to pull out her money.

Why is this important? You advertise to get a response. Be smart and write in such a way that your copy will illicit a response. You have five seconds to grab attention on a billboard, almost the same for direct mail, but even more essential are subject lines in emails. These emotional drivers will be the key to the success of your campaign.

**All of this information is more elequently and thoroughly covered with statistical source data in a book produced by Sappi found here. Also check out Trish Witkowski of

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