Everything on This Blog is Wrong

Blogs…it is way too easy to jot down some thoughts and put it out there…for the world…forever! Earlier this week, I was tempted just to kill every post on this site and start over. Some of the thoughts are immature, some outdated, some irrelevant, and some are nothing less than embarrassing.

In the end, I realized that it’s okay. Part of this blog is about us living out loud, sharing openly where we are in our growth, evolution, process, thinking, etc. This isn’t a scientific journal. This isn’t the gospel. It’s just us.

Thanks to all who journey with us. Keep your feedback coming. We love to hear from you. Your feedback challenges us to grow!

Benj Miller

Benj has built an exceptional team that leads and challenges clients in discovering and communicating the uniqueness of their businesses. Benj strongly believes the power of this team has a lot to do with our clients' success. In his role as Creative Director, Benj combines his eye for brand and his brain for the "third option" to help lead the design team to excellence.