Friday Favorites – 1/25

A Warby Parker email won Bonnie over this week. “Warby Parker does these short & sweet emails with just a gif and a call to action to drive website traffic and I click to look every time. Plus, I like how they just knew I’d want to look with that ‘Thought so’ button.”

friday favorites warby parker email

Mary’s been seeing a lot of ads for CVS’ Beauty Unaltered campaign across social platforms this week. “CVS first announced this initiative a year ago, but they announced significant progress this week as now nearly 70% of the beauty imagery in CVS will be Beauty Mark compliant.” Find out more about how CVS is defying the social norm sans digital altering here.

MailChimp put out a new unscripted documentary series this week that Sammie is super excited about. “Their new documentary series follows people who left their offices and now work from anywhere. They have some cool cities from all over the world featured in their first season – a couple I’ve never even heard of!” Start binge-watching these digital nomads here.

Mary saw an ad from Future Man on her Twitter feed that caught her attention just from how blatant and transparent it was.

friday favorites future man tweet


Maybe it’s just his passion for woodworking, or maybe it’s the clean layout, but this email really makes Lars want to buy everything from Rockler.

friday favorites lars email


Klaire is loving MudFire Pottery Studio’s homepage, content overload and all. “This homepage has a LOT of content, but I think it really works for their brand. I feel like I know them and am part of their community already just from reading their story. They also make it really easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.” Check it out for yourself.

Mudfire homepage - Friday Favorites

We’re about a week away from the Big Game and brands are wasting no time putting teasers out for the most anticipated part of the day – the commercials. Mary is really excited about Budweiser’s commercial. “Not only does it include a puppy, but they’re highlighting their environmental initiative, too.”