Friday Favorites – 10/19

Bonnie says, “EVERY platform needs a page like this. Even for the simplest of actions. These videos save so much time for people that have to learn new platforms regularly and saves us from having to dig through help articles and support chats.”

Tricia found this via the Morning Brew. “It’s a ‘phone away from phone’ that is designed to act as a secondary phone to encourage users to leave behind their smartphone and enjoy their time free of distraction – it is limited to just phone calls. Interesting to think that instead of adding more features to a phone, they took them all away.” Check out The Light Phone here.

From Kate: “Well this is cool… Facebook’s rolling out ‘3D photos.’ I imagine this will at the very least draw people’s attention and could be a really cool visual to leverage for companies (not just me posting 3D photos of my little pup).”

Citizen Supply at Ponce City Market is opening a new place to eat, drink, and hang while you shop. Klaire is a fan of how they announced it. “To announce it, they slowly started posting pieces of a graphic over the last few days, rather than posting everything at once. Each piece teased out some important information about the new concept but didn’t fully announce it until the end. I found myself checking their page regularly to find out the next piece of the puzzle. Definitely stands out from other grid posts like this.”

Klaire says, “Google opened a hardware store in NYC & Chicago and it’s BEAUTIFUL.” Check it out here.