Friday Favorites – 11/16

For developers: According to Lars, this app does so much heavy lifting and produces lightweight vector animations.

Jordan-Ann loves how @atlmisfit is teasing out the appearance of Santa and the Grinch at Ponce City Market. “Design-wise, their feed is beautiful, and it also shows the history from the teasers from past few years. PLUS, they keep the mystery alive, so you know I’ll be at PCM to see them in person.”

By now, you probably know we love Morning Brew. Mary says, “Morning Brew offered a holiday gift guide where you can subscribe to get an additional email every day with gift ideas. They also were very transparent in the first email in saying that the guide promotes their partners, ‘meaning that Morning Brew may—at no additional cost to you—earn a commission for the product’s inclusion.’ But they assured readers by saying they ‘only endorse products that we genuinely recommend to our readers.’ Also, I think it’s great that they are so consistent with their subject lines. Regular Morning Brew always has the coffee emoji and now the gift guide always has the gift emoji.”

Kate says, “not only is the design of the new Nike flagship store in NYC absolutely gorgeous, but I love how they are combining the digital and physical worlds to make real-life shopping as convenient/seamless as online shopping. One way they are doing that is with the Nike app that goes into ‘retail mode’ when it recognizes that you are in the store. From there you can identify things to try on or put in your, find items from mannequins throughout the store and even check out.”

Mary is a big fan of how Office Depot brought Elf Yourself into 2018 in a whole new way. “Really smart use of the new AR ads that Facebook’s testing out since Elf Yourself is something everyone is already familiar with and now we can do it right on Facebook”