Friday Favorites – 11/30

Kate received this great Black Friday email from FatFace. “Love the unique approach to handling Black Friday… really well-written content and clean/simple design to go with it.”

Klaire says, “this popup is an interesting way to get donations for a tool that’s free to use. It made me stop and actually consider donating, but I would have completely ignored it if it just said, ‘consider donating to our company.'”

Mary discovered that Spotify’s 2018 holiday ads are out, and “again, they have not disappointed. It pokes fun at users, but also brings them all together because you get to see how your personal interactions related to the global interactions. Also, it’s just a creative way to use their analytics data, and I love analytics.”

This email came the day after Klaire ordered a yoga wheel set from Chirp. “It was a huge delight and made me feel like they truly care about the reason I purchased their products and that I’m more than just another customer. This is also a great way to keep me coming back to their site and social channels even after my product arrives.”

We’re internally debating what we like and don’t like about the new Hawks Talon GC visual identity, and Benj wants to know your thoughts: