Friday Favorites -12/14

Kate is thanking Google for reminding her that 2018 was FULL of good things with their list of what was trending in 2018. You can even flash all the way back to 2001 if you need a good laugh. “Watch the video!! (I’m not crying, you’re crying)”.

Burger King is back to trolling McDonald’s with a new promotion that Klaire calls, “Savage but brilliant.” Read all about it here.

Sleepy Skunk put together a mashup of 2018’s movie trailers to bring the year to a close, and Benj is really into it.

Branded Fruit caught Sammie’s eye (and appetite) with their cool new take on swag for businesses. “This is such a cool idea to replace swag that no one really uses. But what I really want to see is Apple’s logo on an apple”. Check out their scrumptious swag here.

Klaire thinks that everything about Contently’s 2018 Branded Twitter Awards is great. “All the examples, all the commentary, the idea behind it…well done, Contently”. You can check out your champs here.