Friday Favorites – 2/15

Mary is loving Google’s recognition of Black History Month with their interactive journey through black history on Google Earth. “It’s a really cool interactive experience that they set up for users. It educates people and gets people to use Google’s products even more. Also, their loading page is creative and on brand – it changes every time you go and the progress bar is some kind of Earth fact.” Check it out for yourself here.

Google Earth Friday Favorites

Mastercard just launched a sonic logo and Jordan-Ann is really digging it. “It’s a great reminder of how all senses play into brand recognition and affinity.”

Sammie is a huge fan of the ongoing “beef” between McDonald’s and Burger King. Burger King’s latest troll against McDonald’s is one of her favorites to date. “McDonald’s recently lost its EU trademark to the Big Mac. In true Burger King style, Swedish BKs snatched up the opportunity to troll McDonald’s by using the Big Mac to their own advantage.” Read all about the trolling here.

Burger King Menu Friday Favorites

Image Source: The Washington Post