Friday Favorites – 2/8

Have you watched the fiasco that was the Fyre Festival on Netflix yet? Klaire pointed out that there’s so much we can learn from their festival fail, but this article from AdWeek focuses on some of the biggest things. “The Fyre Festival … illustrates how vital it is for brands to be authentic and human. The risks of not being authentic are severe.”  

Friday Favorites Frye Festival tweet
Bonnie is excited about the cooking classes that Publix offers at a local Alpharetta location. “Publix offers cooking classes at a local Alpharetta location? Who knew? They’re offering different skill levels, interests, & types of classes whether it be hands-on or demonstration. Pretty awesome way to connect with the community and show more of what they have to offer.” Try it out for yourself! You can check out their upcoming classes here.

Klaire recently decided that she loves everything that Bon Appetit Magazine does (especially the schnitzel recipe below). “Their content is always the perfect mix of quirky, human, and instructional. As an example, this recipe on Basically (one of their recipe categories) is everything I’ve ever wanted a recipe to be. It’s set up perfectly with a short, punchy description, pictures of all the necessary equipment and ingredients (and the option to check them off as you buy), and the most simple, easy-to-follow instructions – complete with GIFs. Look at anything they do, from their emails to their site to their social channels, and you can tell they know exactly how to give their audience what they want.” Get the recipe here.

Bon Appetit Friday Favorites