Friday Favorites – 3/1

Lars shared this little JavaScript library from WOW.js with us. Check it out for yourself here.

Friday Favorites WOW.js

Kate reminded us this week of just how much a bad rebrand can damage your business after an epic branding fail from Weight Watchers. “This reminds us of how important branding and brand rollouts are.” You can read more about the failed rebrand here.

Coca-Cola just released this commercial for the announcement of their new flavor and Sammie is loving it. “The brief for the campaign was to have fun with the flavors, and I think they did a really good job with it. For the flavor itself? We’ll see.” See the ideas behind the campaign here.

What better way to end the week than an email from the Queen herself? Jordan-Ann’s heart almost stopped when she checked her inbox this morning to find this email from Beyonce. Atlanta Sport and Social Club always sends out fun and entertaining emails “from” people you wouldn’t expect.

Friday Favorites Email

Nike’s new ad made its way onto Kate’s Friday Favorites and into her heart. “Nike is inviting people to share their dreams, see the dreams of others and create a community around empowering everyone to ‘dream crazy’.” Not only is the ad incredible, but the extension they created from the ad deserves some serious recognition, too. See for yourself!

Morgan is loving Google’s experiment on mobile load time. “As marketers, we all probably knew what was going to happen, but to see customers in real life get frustrated with a load time like 4 seconds is a visual representation of what we’ve seen the data say.”

Klaire is digging Mood Media’s business model. “This company is fascinating. They use different senses to create the best customer experience. It’s the little details that can completely transform the experience.” See what they’re all about here.

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