Friday Favorites – 3/15

Jason is loving BattlBox’s announcement on the delay of their subscription box this month. It’s quirky, it’s fun, and “heavens to Betsy” is it on brand. How could you be mad about a delay after an announcement like this?

The World Wide Web turned 30 this week, and Bonnie is loving this flashback from The Verge. They’re highlighting some of our favorite brands’ early days on the web. “It’s wild and incredible to look at these early sites and see how far the internet has come.” Want to see what the early days of Amazon’s website looked like? Check it out here.

Friday Favorites BuzzFeed Website

It’s no secret that we love small companies and Jason is highlighting just how awesome they are this week with an article from Fox Business. The article highlights four reasons why you should work for a small business. Check it out here.

Sammie is loving how Starbucks is celebrating the women in their company. “Every day this week, Starbucks has posted an Instagram story of a woman on their team telling their story and what they do for Starbucks. I think it’s a really great way to celebrate the strong women on their team while keeping the stories raw, authentic, and inspirational.” You can check out the stories on Starbucks’ Instagram highlights here.

Friday Favorites Starbucks Story