Friday Favorites – 3/8

Mary is digging Starbucks’ new campaign. “Starbucks teased out their new Iced Cloud Macchiatos in a creative and relevant way. With how viral the oddly satisfying sand videos have become, they capitalized on the popularity of that content type and customized it to use to their advantage.”

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Tricia loves Brandless’ emails, especially when they come out with a new product. “They are super informative, tell you the price of the product directly on the email, and they have started to include a “Brandless life” section at the bottom of the email that links to their blog.” You can view the full email here.

Brandless Email - Friday Favorites

Klaire has always enjoyed seeing how HubSpot sets up their Instagram stories. “This highlight is my favorite – they use polls to quiz people on marketing things, then reveal the answers in separate frames. It’s a great way to be seen as a thought leader without just shouting facts at people.” Check out the Instagram story here.

Hubspot Instagram Story - Friday Favorites

Brands on Twitter are usually Mary’s favorite follows. “Two of my favorites from Applebees promoting their new drink – the first was clever in how they played on the viral trend of zooming in on an image to see hidden words and the second just being funny and caught my attention like an organic tweet.”