Friday Favorites – 4/26

Morgan is loving the CTA on this Pottery Barn email. “Watch how they draw attention to the CTA. I love how it’s subtle, but works.”

We’re big GoT fans at Syrup, and Klaire is loving this article from Contently on “What If the ‘Game of Thrones’ Houses Were Brands?” Read the article here.

Contently GoT article Friday Favorites

Bonnie is digging how the Georgia Renaissance Festival is advertising this year. “I’ve never seen them advertise before, but this year I’ve seen some killer video creative that combines the millennial aspect with the fun of the whole festival. In my opinion, they did a great job reaching their target audience with effective creative.” Check out more of their ads here.

Get into it.

Turkey leg season has arrived. Georgia RenFest. Every weekend from April 13th to June 2nd.

Publicado por Georgia Renaissance Festival en Jueves, 25 de abril de 2019

Sammie is excited about Adobe’s Creative ‘Type’ test. “It’s fun, thoughtful, and the design is beautiful.” See what your creative type is here.

Adobe Creative Type Test Friday Favorites

This video explaining the 5 choices we have in our life really resonated with Kraig this week.