Friday Favorites – 4/5

Mary is loving Spotify’s latest campaign. “Spotify is fed up and they’re running a ‘Time to Play Fair’ campaign to address Apple’s 30% Tax. Tactically, I think they did this really well, directly calling out Apple, but not just bashing them and complaining. They presented facts with graphics and engaging video cartoons to give the information and let the people take it from there.” See what the campaign is all about here.

Spotify is also on Klaire’s radar this week with their brand voice on LinkedIn. “Showing off their culture, speaking out about their views, and highlighting different perks of working with them are all really helpful in attracting the right employees. I think a lot of companies can learn from them.” Check out their LinkedIn profile here.

Sammie is loving Oreo’s partnership with Game of Thrones. “Not only did Oreo announce a line of limited-edition cookies, but their homage to the Game of Thrones iconic opening sequence is insane!” See the masterminds behind the campaign here.