Friday Favorites – 5/10

Klaire is loving Epicurious’ use of Instagram Stories. “I’m a big fan of how Epicurious used Instagram stories to promote an article of theirs. Their quick, digestible highlights told me what to expect and actually made me want to read the entire thing.”

Digital Marketer’s podcast made its way onto Kraig’s list of top podcasts. “If you are interested in the nuts and bolts of Facebook and Instagram Advertising, this is a fantastic podcast! Actionable, insightful, and to the point.” Check it out for yourself here.

Sammie was just one click away from buying some Chanel for her mom with their latest Facebook ad campaign. “Chanel is using kids’ drawings in place of images of their products in honor of Mother’s Day and it is super cute. So simple, yet completely heartwarming.” Take a look at all of the drawings here.

Morgan is loving Kraft’s generosity this Mother’s Day. “Kraft knows their audience and is covering the cost of a babysitter for Mother’s Day.” Get your babysitter here.

We’re big Atlanta United fans here at Syrup, especially Klaire. “I saw this at the Atlanta United game last night and I love it. Such a cool way to make sure fans are in the moment and not on their phones the whole time.”