Friday Favorites – 5/17

This Heineken ad caught Bonnie’s attention this week. “I really have to hand it to Heineken. The effort that goes into creating relevant ads like this for major cities in the U.S. is pretty big.”

  1. They targeted Atlanta business professionals & made it relevant with an image of downtown Atl.
  2. They timed their ad really well – right before happy hour & rush hour traffic on a Friday.
  3. They were punny and relevant about Atl traffic.

Heineken Instagram ad - Friday Favorites

Jordan-Ann loves this minimalist approach to cereal boxes. “Less is more and it’s still highly recognizable.

Google just found a powerful new place for ads and Kraig is a big fan. “These latest moves by Google seek to make maximum use of its existing digital real estate. They not only offer the potential to increase its flagging revenue growth, but also help reassure advertisers that the company isn’t losing its industry-leading position.”

Morgan is loving Harvest’s homepage. “They do a great job at empathizing with their audience right off the bat. You have the option to select a pain point and Harvest shares the specific solution to the problem you’re facing. It’s an interactive and fun way to grab attention and share features/solutions.”

Harvest homepage - Friday Favorites

Jordan-Ann really enjoyed how Atlanta Sport & Social Club shared their event with Salesforce this week in Instastories. Here’s a clip:

Atlanta Sport & Social Club Instagram story - Friday Favorites