Friday Favorites – 5/24

In honor of the late Grumpy Cat, Lars discovered a developer made him with CSS. Check it out here. (Be sure to open it in Chrome.)

Bonnie found this “fun little cartoon for a login screen! Make something routine into a delight for the user.”

Quality designing.

Klaire says, “this is an awesome message made even more awesome by the fact that it’s coming from Tyrian (even if I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says hereā€¦ but that’s a conversation for another time). Storytelling matters.” Read the full article from Contently here.

Source: Contently

While we’re on it, in honor of the finale, Mary has all things Game of Thrones. Here’s what she found:

  1. As an analytics enthusiast, it was cool seeing the impact that one of my favorite shows had every Sunday. This report shows how Game of Thrones pretty much took over more than just HBO and the impact it had on Google, Reddit, Amazon Prime, and Netflix especially.
  2. The official Game of Thrones Instagram account has to be appreciated over the course of the entire season. They took time to really plan out how they wanted to post and allowed everything to work together each week, moving you along from ice to fire to (spoiler alert) ash. I got excited every week to see what they were going to post next and regularly checked on it. That’s how you do social for a series finale.