Friday Favorites – 6/15

Jordan-Ann is loving this Budweiser advertising campaign…that actually isn’t about beer at all. See the full campaign from Adweek here.

Budweiser campaign in Adweek

Image courtesy of Adweek and Budweiser

Kate has been all about website designs that build trust. This article relates building trust digitally to in-person human interaction. While it’s speaking to app design, it’s still full of great pointers for any work done on websites.

“Great design is a key ingredient in building trust for users, though not as a “one-and-done” proposition. Rather, designing for trust requires a holistic view, and constant (and I really mean constant) reexamination to ensure a successful and healthy relationship with your users.”

Read the full article from Co.Design here.

Morgan thinks you should check out this Goal Digger podcast. It’s all about the importance of visuals and how to tell stories that capture attention. Stories are so important in marketing right now, especially social. You shouldn’t sell your product, you should sell what will happen to me if I use the product.

Morgan is also loving the CTAs on the site mentioned above:

Klaire got an email for Bank of America’s new chatbot, Erica. “I love the list of questions this email shows that you can ask her. They definitely make me want to engage more with Erica & makes me see that she’s not just another bot.”