Friday Favorites – 6/7

Coca-Cola Europe is taking a sustainability stand and Sammie is here for it. “I LOVE this! Coca-Cola turned its iconic white ribbon on a red background into a hand pointing to the nearest recycling bin. Such a great and creative way for a brand with power to make even the slightest difference.” Read more about the campaign here.

Coke Billboard pointing to recycling bins - Friday Favorites

It’s time for the Women’s World Cup, and Nike’s new ad captured all of our hearts here at Syrup this week.

Pop-Tarts’ Twitter account is pure gold, and Klaire is hands-down their number one fan. “I’m a big fan of food brands finding a non-traditional voice and sticking to it.” Check out more of their social genius here.

Pop-Tarts Tweet - Friday Favorites

Speaking of Pop-Tarts, Morgan is loving this Twitter thread done by the Los Angeles Chargers of their 2019 opponents as Pop-Tarts. Check out what flavor they picked for the Green Bay Packers here.

LA Chargers Twitter Thread - Friday Favorites