Friday Favorites – 9/14

Jason has been excited about this article all week long. Not only is it great because we are champions of small companies, but according to Jason, “the dude in the picture is BA.” Read Small business optimism surges to highest level ever, topping previous record under Reagan here.

Friday Favorites Small Businesses

Klaire loves everything about REI’s homepage right now. “Every bit of content is so personable and the flow of content is engaging. I actually read through everything (twice) and felt connected to the brand the entire time. Plus, the colors and pictures give me all the fall feels.”

Kate is digging the UX and design of this. “It’s very engaging and fun to move through. Plus, the content is cool – common colors used throughout history.”

Friday Favorites Color

Apple’s big news in 108 seconds. “It’s just all so good.” – Mary

Speaking of Apple, Kate found all of the music Apple chose to reveal the Apple Watch Series 4 and new iPhones.

Bonnie discovered this neat article on some recent and effective guerrilla marketing ads. “I love how unconventional guerrilla marketing can be. The IBM ones were my favorite.”Friday Favorites Guerrilla

Morgan loves how Garmin is using this email to segment lists and personalize emails:

Friday Favorites Garmin