From the Horse’s Mouth – Brands Attract Talent

by Kraig Guffey | Feb 8, 2022

If you are in any position of leadership or team management you know that one of the areas of business most impacted by the pandemic has been tied to talent.

We are really dealing with pressure on two fronts –

1. The Great Resignation – what some are calling this season as Boomers retire and virtual work has opened up opportunities to work for organizations that in the past wouldn’t have been possible.

2. Virtual Hiring – meeting, building trust, and hiring talent has become more virtual than ever before.

SO…We went to 4 of our more recent hires to ask them how the Syrup brand influenced or played a role in their journey to joining our team.

If I had to sum up the two most mentioned themes, they would be:

Consistency & Authenticity

When we say Syrup brand, we mean the emotional response driven by the cumulative experiences they had with us across all mediums. If that is confusing, you missed my other post: Hey Google, What is a Brand? Check it out here.

In that post, we stated that the emotional responses you are looking to create ARE controllable – the statements below are proof of that. None of these responses would have been possible without us taking the time to craft a brand strategy that was unique to us, powerful, clear, and detailed – and then USED it to create all of our content – from our social postings, to our website, to even our job descriptions (as Madison mentions below). Each of these communications are rooted in our strategy. 

Yes – the work we put in created these responses. They don’t just ‘happen.’

Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth (in the most admirable way possible of course, like Mr. Ed, or Secretariat… I should probably stop now, enough damage is done)…

“The name is just so unique and caught my eye and got me curious. And so, looking further, I went to LinkedIn and saw the job description and they were also super unique. The way that we write our job descriptions are so catchy and fit with our brand, saying our values there, honestly reading through the whole thing. And so, from the job description, I went to the website and that also did the same thing. It told the story of focus, confidence, and growth. Here’s who we are. It presented our people. And it also presented our work, which I think was a huge thing for me. The professionalism, but then also how people-centric Syrup is so, that was huge.

Honestly, overall, every single piece played a part in selling you guys to me, and the overall brand, and I think every piece played a huge part in that puzzle.” -M.Z.

“My awareness of Syrup’s culture and brand came initially from word of mouth, from other people who knew people who worked at Syrup. I did my own research on the website, went to the about us page and my curiosity was piqued. My interest was before I was really in a place to even begin trying to get a job. So I wasn’t necessarily trying to apply or become talent for you guys, but I did follow you guys on LinkedIn to see updates, stuff like that. I also subscribed to your emails so I could get a better idea.

I was kind of sitting on you guys for a while and would have loved to work for you guys a long time ago, but I was kind of waiting for the opportunity for myself to have more experience and then also see a role that fit what I was looking for, so I would check the careers page quite often and kind of look through the descriptions and see what piqued my interest.

There’s a lot of digital ways that I was looking into you guys and attracted to you guys.” – H.B.

“I would say Syrup’s overall voice and both the quality and quantity of work that was out in the market (social media, our website, etc.) is what initially drew me in. I will admit that I was predisposed to the culture and leadership style because of a mutual connection chatting with me prior to applying and his comments were just what I needed to move forward and apply. I feel that the way team members presented themselves on social media (especially LinkedIn) was a big factor for me. Very buttoned-up, polished, and professional, but still incredibly approachable and not intimidating. “ – P.M.

“I originally found Syrup on LinkedIn and noticed right away how consistent the posts were on the platform as well as engagement from Syrup employees on those posts. It just seemed very authentic and true to Syrup’s core values. When I went to the site, I really loved it.

There was so much consistency across social and the website as well. I then found Syrup on Instagram and noticed employees followed the account as well as had the company account followed them. I think that’s very telling about an organization because it gives the impression that employees are true to themselves and that they don’t have anything to hide, you know, in there after hours or anything like that. It was just consistent & authentic. I know I’ve said those words a couple of times but those are really strong when I think about Syrup, especially in my initial research.” – A.C.

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