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Identify areas of opportunity and improvement that will lead to growth in your business.

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What you can expect

This assessment will ask you 30 questions about your business. Questions around your current efforts – from having a defined audience to setting up and using your CRM.

At the end of the assessment, you’ll receive your results along with recommendations on improving those results. You’ll get ideas and insights into each area of your marketing – all with the intent of helping you find the right places to focus.

Why take this assessment?

After spending time with thousands of company owners and leadership teams, we know that one of the hardest parts to creating sustainable growth is knowing where to put your limited resources and limited available focus.

This is the tool we use with every person and company we talk to to help break down the complex topic of growth. Its goal is to help you cut through the noise and identify the right places to focus. It works. We’ve seen it, the results show it, and we want to get this valuable tool in the hands of everyone. At a minimum, it creates a starting point for conversations.

Building real market insights

Not only was this built to be a helpful tool for you and your team to use, but we also want to be able to provide you a meaningful report of market results.

What’s common in your industry?

How do you stack up compared to others?

You’ll have the opportunity to opt-in to this report at the end of the assessment.

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