Growth Factor

Are You Being Led To Results & Long-Term Growth?

Too many small companies think growth comes from leads, leads, and more leads. Maximum growth comes from earning new customers AND maximizing existing customer value. Not either/or.

This is the first system to serve small companies in growth through both. Increase existing customer value, reach new customers digitally, leverage automation to increase efficiency, and create champions along the way.

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"Their work for us is freaking awesome!

I would refer someone to Syrup so they would experience the benefit of their relationship and work. It’s very easy to see their values in their relationships with clients. It’s not just about understanding my company intellectually, but they want to understand our heart, purpose and passion, which is something we have not experienced before."

David McMillian

David McMillian

President, McMillian & Associates

Building Scalable & Sustainable Growth By:

Taking your unique message to your unique audience

Connect utilizes outbound marketing to get your unique message in front of your unique audience. Tactics like paid media, social media, and blog content, and email ensure your connecting to the right audience in meaningful and authentic ways.

Ensuring you are maximizing your resources through CRM & Web Analytics.

Many organizations fail to realize the power of data until they need it. By utilizing tools like Google Analytics, HotJar, Infusionsoft, Salesforce and more, we are able to use data to make smarter decisions, identify what's working & what's not. Without it, there is certainly waste in an organization.

Building relationships through internal & external automation.

Today you will be exposed to 1000 different messages, really 1,000. Because of that, you have to stay in front of your prospective buyers over time. Closing a deal doesn't happen with just one interaction. Cultivate is about leveraging Automation & Remarketing campaigns spread out over time to build relationships with prospects without more time from your sales team.

Increasing conversion rates & close rates.

Analyzing data collected during "collect" and through surveys, win brings to light areas in your sales process that need additional support. From print collateral to automation campaigns, this phase equips your sales team to more effectively close business. But Win doesn't stop when a deal is signed or a customer is earned. It also covers new customer onboarding experiences. Leveraging Automation we ensure every customer has the perfect 1st impression.

Delivering a surprise moment of joy to your customers.

When you deliver an excellent product or service someone has purchased, that's just the right way to do business. When you go above and beyond to surprise them with something they'll want to tell someone else about, that's how you create raving fans. Delight allows us to speak into your customer lifecycle to identify the areas where you can give your customers something unexpected and meaningful.

Increasing the lifetime value of your customers through upselling & cross-selling.

Your current clients are the most valuable and likely the most undervalued. Increasing the LTV of your customers is the most effective and efficient way to grow your business. Grow campaigns focus on upselling and cross-selling within your existing client base to ensure you're serving them every way you can.

Identifying which customers should share your story & teaching them how.

Clients who loved their experience with you are one of the best tools you have to grow your business. During this phase in the funnel, we identify the champions of your brand and equip them to share their story with others. Referrals, testimonials, and customer service opportunities are all identified during this phase.

Q2 Results:

  • # of Automation campaigns in last 2 QTRs 58

  • Average Survey Response Rate 16.25% (vs. 2% industry average)

  • Average Open rate 26.92% (vs. 18% industry average)

  • Total social engagements this quarter: 391,333

  • >200 Persona/Objective Based Landing Pages

  • reduced cost per event registration by 63%

  • Increased website conversions by 50% for CRE Client

  • Increased CTR on FB Ads by 20.5%