How to Live Out Your Values

by Lars Miller | Sep 5, 2017

At Syrup, our values are: Love, Steward, Create, and Engage.

In our office, I see how our team is living out these values for our clients every single day. Next time you’re in the office, randomly ask one of us what our values are. They’re so integral to how we operate that it will without hesitation roll off the tongue.

How do we live out our values at Syrup?

We Love: We love and serve our clients with a true passion to help them grow. We’re passionate about small companies and take pride in doing our part to grow economies both small and large.

We Steward: We know what it’s like to be a small company because we are one! Money in and out provokes a more visceral reaction for us than for someone at the corporate level. The question of “Is this the best use of all our (collective mindset with the client) time and resources?” is a filter through which we run every facet of our work. We get it.

We Create: Well, we’re creatives, right? Yes, but this is more than drawing a pretty picture. This is about using our minds to come up with creative solutions/material to market problems or opportunities.

We Engage: We are believers in working smart and hard. We’re constantly thinking and working on behalf of our clients. Your company is our company, and you’ll feel this when meeting with us.

What I love about our values is they are all active verbs! It’s not about achieving a perfect zen state of balance between them. Rather, it’s about exercising intention toward each virtue every day.

What about your values? Does your entire team know and live them? Are they actionable things?

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