Knowing your audience before telling your story

by Caroline | May 3, 2022

What’s your favorite brand and why? What were the words you read that instantly resonated with you or captured your attention? 

For me, I am usually drawn to brands that use definitive language that captivate an idea of bettering my life if I had this product or service. Without this product or service, am I really living my best life? That definitive language captures my attention. 

Storytelling, when done well, resonates with you.

Why is that? It usually involves a familiar aspect that evokes an emotion or experience that you have daily or have had before. It’s a story that you can see yourself in. It’s a story that feels like it was written for you.

Knowing your audience is the first, and most important, step when it comes to storytelling. 

When you are able to articulate your brand and product or service, it’s important to remember who you are speaking to and how you are speaking to them. When you know who you are speaking to, you are able to establish the right tone for the best storytelling effects. You can help your audience see themselves in the story, and with your product or service.

We have evolved as a society where everyone has become their own brand. There is more access than ever before to what everyone is doing, using, promoting, etc. How are you going to get your audience to care about your brand and product or service? Or better yet, remember you?

The power of storytelling connects people with ideas in a way that funnels shared experiences, values, and inspiration. Whether it’s speaking in front of others or posting on social media, storytelling brings the data around us to life. But you can’t do so without knowing who you are speaking to first.

So to recap, know your audience, find that emotional connection or experience and provide perspective to your audience that is meaningful and memorable. That’s the moment where relationships with your prospects turned customers begins.

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