Level Up Your Champions

by Benj Miller | Jul 7, 2020

In our marketing framework, the “champion” is the pinnacle of success. It represents a job well done. You’ve connected, converted, and served a prospect so well that they would recommend you. It means a job well done… and it makes that next connection stronger, quicker, and less expensive if they will talk about you in the market.

But are all champions equal?

No. And here’s how to think about it and what to do about it.

There are at least three levels of Champions:

LEVEL ONE: If asked about YOU, they will recommend you.

LEVEL TWO: If generically asked about your product/service, they will recommend you.

LEVEL THREE: They will go tell the world without being asked.

I live in Atlanta so I fly Delta a lot. I am a Level One Delta Champion (and they should know that because they LOVE to ask). If someone asks me, “would you fly Delta?” I would say, “Sure, no reason not to. They seem to be as operationally strong as weather allows.” I MAY even be a Level Two Champion. “What’s your favorite airline?” “Well, kind sir, I prefer Delta when possible.”

What I am not is a Level Three Champion. I have never gone up to someone in real life or randomly posted on social media how great I think Delta is and how I would like to recommend them to all of my friends.

As you think about creating champions, think about how you can create a product, service, or experience that can level up your champions.

If you are looking to activate your champions, make requests that are realistic to the level of champion they likely are. If they are Level One or Two, ask for a review on Google/Yelp or a testimonial on Linkedin. If you have Level Three Champions, ask them for a few introductions.

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