The Marketing Frustration | Where do You Start?

by Kraig Guffey | Sep 28, 2016

Frustrated. We hear that word a good bit.

Many small company leaders are frustrated when it comes to this marketing stuff. We’ve seen that frustration bucketed into two areas:

  1. Not knowing where or how to start.
  2. Feeling like they start over everytime.

A system gives you a place to start and a set of rules to operate within and against.

That’s the beauty of a systematic approach to marketing like Growth Factor. The seven steps of our Growth Factor system take away the “staring at a whiteboard – not knowing where to start – feeling like I’m starting over every time” frustration.

I like to describe Growth Factor as a pair of special glasses. When you look at your company through the lens of the seven steps, you’ll see gaps and opportunities to get stronger.

Boom! Now you know where to start! You -1; Frustration – 0

Marketing is rarely a game that is won by the Hail Mary. It’s won in the trenches; the play-by-play; trying something, learning, fixing, and trying again. Don’t get trapped by that blank whiteboard, waiting for the perfect marketing campaign that will double your business to drop down from above. Put effort into improving each step of your funnel.

Look through the lens of Growth Factor and grade yourself (A-F) across each of the seven steps. The lowest grades will show you where to start.

You may put the “special glasses” on and see your opportunities, but just don’t have the technical expertise to pull off those changes. That’s where we come in. We’d love to talk about helping you implement the system.

Drop us a line.

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