Ramble: What’s New in Marketing?

by Kraig Guffey | Jun 13, 2017

We’re always keeping up with the latest updates and trends in marketing, so we decided it’s time to share some of that knowledge with you. Below you’ll find some of the latest in marketing that I’ve found particularly useful. Call it a ramble if you will.

LinkedIn New Ad Platform Features:

  • Custom audience/list upload targeting: similar to Facebook, LinkedIn now allows us to upload a list of email addresses to create a custom audience.
  • Account-based marketing: upload a list of companies you would like to target, and you will now be able to reach employees of those companies in a more efficient manner.
  • Lead gen forms: just like you see on Facebook, lead ads are simple forms that keep a user in the LinkedIn platform while filling out the form.
  • You can now target an employee’s first-degree connections as well as company followers. Think of this as Facebook’s “lookalike” targeting. It’s the “birds of a feather flock together mentality;” first-degree connections are more likely to engage with content. Use this to promote important posts on LinkedIn, build followers on the platform, and for strategic ad buys.

Facebook Collection Posts:

  • These new posts feature e-commerce products.
  • Example:

Facebook Collection

Google Data Studio:

  • A very powerful & flexible online reporting tool.
  • Build custom reports using Google Analytics data and other sources.
  • An example of real-time reporting for a client:

Google Data Studio

Leveraging Animation & GIFs:

  • More and more static images are being passed by in digital content. Social feeds are where “static blindness” is first showing up, but you can expect that it’s happening in emails, websites, and landing pages as well.
  • Movement draws the eye & attention of a user.
  • How can you create subtle movement to get people’s attention with your content?
  • How can you leverage movement in social feeds and paid content to rise above the “static blindness?”

Updated & Upgraded Adwords Bidding

  • Google continues to up their game on our ability to control bids — increasing bids for those that look like target buyers & lowering bids for those that don’t.
  • Example: we can now lower or raise bids based on income targeting. This is awesome for brands where income is a demographic describer of their audience.

Pre-Recorded Webinar Technology:

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