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by Morgan Alverson | Nov 20, 2018

Part of our monthly scope for our marketing services clients is social media content, including Instagram for most of our clients. And for us, that means creating content one month in advance for our clients and scheduling it out ahead of time. This allows us to have a clear strategy and ensure consistent posting.

If you create social content for your company, you likely have something to help you plan, schedule, and post that content. There are many tools out there that let you do this, but 99% of them do not actually schedule out Instagram content for you. What they do instead is send you a notification to your phone when it’s time to post on Instagram, directing you to post in real time.

As an agency that manages multiple Instagram accounts, this was a challenge.

Enter Schedugram.

Schedugram is probably the best tool I have found in my years working in social media. It is the only tool I have found that truly solves this Instagram “problem” and allows us to truly schedule Instagram content for the month ahead.

Thanks to Schedugram, our team is able to create our best content to go out at the best time of day, no matter what.

We use analytics to tell us the best time to post and schedule accordingly with confidence that it will be posted when it should be.

There are a number of other really great features within Schedugram that help us out. Not only can we schedule our content, but we can tag products, add locations, tag other accounts, add hashtags, make the first comment, create albums, and even schedule Instagram stories!

When I tell you this tool is a game changer, I mean it.

Here are a few other features within Schedugram that I love using:
  1. Planning: We have the ability to view a profile as it is scheduled and planned out. This means we know what the client’s profile will look like as a cohesive image with all the planned posts. This feature lets us get creative and focus on the account as a whole, rather than individual images.

planner feature in one of the marketing tools we use - Schedugram

  1. Analytics: If you aren’t using analytics and data to make intelligent decisions for your account, you’re missing out. These insights let us see and compare each account’s growth and engagement over various periods of time. This gives us insight into not only engagement on each post but also the average engagement an account is getting. You can see why that’s important for us here. Here’s an example of one of our accounts and some of the insights we’re able to see:

analytics feature in one of the marketing tools we use - Schedugram

  1. Staying on top of trends: Schedugram is also great at staying on top of trends and new features within Instagram. When something new comes out, they find a way to make sure we can use that feature while still being able to schedule. This is huge! Platforms are constantly changing and we want to be able to keep up with new trends.

I can’t give Schedugram enough praise. If you handle social media for your company and Instagram is part of your strategy, I highly recommend the tool. And if the idea of social media scares you, reach out to me here. I would love to help!

You can read my post on Schedugram’s blog about the time it has saved our team here.

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