NFL Gameplans & Marketing Systems

by Kraig Guffey | Nov 15, 2016

Every week in the NFL, each team creates a game plan. It’s their system for the week. Sometimes you’ll even hear folks on SportsTalk or ESPN say they are “installing their system.”

Why do they do this?

First, each opponent they face is a little different. So if they are stubborn and stick to one system, they won’t be able to maximize their opportunity to exploit each team’s weakness week after week.

Second, if they have a game plan, they have something to go back to and review after the game. Did this work? It’s a way to answer some of the “why” questions that come with the analysis. If NFL teams went out each week, huddled up all the players, and said, “you guys go out there and figure it out; just create the play on the fly and snap the ball,” they would never have the ability to answer these questions. And more importantly, they wouldn’t have a way to repeat those plays that worked — because they didn’t know what they were.

If you have a game plan, you have something to go back to and review after the game.

A game plan brings incredible value, efficiency, and performance to an NFL team. That same logic is why we believe in a systematic approach to marketing and branding. If we relied solely on those “lightbulb” moments, we would never be able to create the repeatable results our clients pay us to create.

We’ve created two unique systems that empower us to solve client problems holistically and efficiently. AND we have something to review internally to ensure we are going about our work with the best processes, ideas, tools, and tactics.

Those two systems are:

  1. Clarity
  • Web/Launch: How does your visual identity get executed? 
  • Visual Identity – How does your purpose & power as an organization take visual shape to the world? 
  • Purpose & Power – Who are you as a business? Why do you do it, who do you do it for, and what makes you unique?

  1. Growth Factor

Our system for growing small companies through digital marketing & more.

Ready to see our game plan in action? Let’s talk.

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