The Olympic Spirit

What is it about the Olympics? We’ve all been looking forward to this season for months, many of us stayed in Friday night to see the opening ceremonies, and most of our television sets will be fixed on NBC for the remainder of the Games. More importantly, most of us didn’t watch the X-Games a few weeks ago and have never been interested in curling before. So why are we now?

Here’s why—we’re all in this fight. Together.

We are Americans. When we turn on an event, we may know nothing about how the scoring works or who the people are competing, but we know the flag that appears by their name in the standings. And the one that is raised when they stand on the podium as a familiar anthem is playing over the speakers.

We don’t wonder who to cheer for or identify with. All of your coworkers, family members, friends and strangers on MARTA have this in common—they are Team USA. And there is something magical about that unity in a country so divided over so many things.

People want to belong to something. They want a team. And they value the community that surrounds them in that. Remember that as you are leading your company—is your brand one that people can be fans of, be a part of, and find community in doing so? One that your employees will be proud to be a part of, talk about with enthusiasm, and want to represent well? Are you creating a place or a story for people to belong to? Because there is something powerful about brands who do.

For some fun, Dillan designed these backgrounds to help you represent Team USA wherever you go. Click the respective image for the corresponding downloadable file. Enjoy!

team USA mobile backgroundteam USA desktop background

Flying Monkey

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