Remember Who You Are

by Benj Miller | Nov 7, 2017

Recently we made a key new hire to our team. After about a week she made a comment, “Syrup is the unicorn of the agency world.” There was a lot behind her comment, but she was referring to the fact that on the spectrum of processes to creativity, we choose both. And on the spectrum of amazing productivity and life balance, we choose both. And our systems and culture reflect that.

It got me thinking about how really extraordinary things (like the above) can become the “normal” when you live them every day. It’s important to remember who you are. So… if you are new to Syrup or need a refresher… this is who we are:

  • We are FOR small companies. We grow them in revenue and maturity.
  • We value stewardship, creativity, engagement and above all else love. Love doesn’t work in a vacuum so it also comes with a full measure of truth, radical candor with each other and our clients.
  • We are a culture that focuses on growing in our Faith, Fitness, and Fullness into what we can become as individuals.
  • We are distinctly unique by bringing our clients the focus they need to win the marathon of brand and marketing, the confidence in knowing they are using a proven system and methodology, and the real ability to accelerate the growth of their brand.
  • We do that through Brand Strategy, Visual Identity Systems, Website Design & Development, and Growth Factor (our systematic approach to digital marketing).
  • In our relationships with our clients, we own the results, no excuses. We are advocates for our clients, not vendors.
  • We sell the why — there is a reason we do what we do. We advance the framework, iterative and constant improvement as our landscape shifts so quickly and there is always room for us to grow.
  • Lastly, we lead the team to success, we are the subject matter experts, we get the big picture and know how to execute on the pieces to make it happen.

We are real people. We love our work. We love our clients. We are Syrup. 


Who are you?

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