Atlanta Mission

The Challenge

Atlanta Mission reached a place where their website – its message, its look, its functionality, and its effectiveness became a blocker to growth instead of an accelerant.

They are innovative, caring, passionate, and strive to be the best. They needed a site that would represent that and with the world becoming more and more digitally centric, drive greater action and engagement from their diverse donor base online.


To build a site that brings the stories of Hope to life, making it seamless for new & existing supporters to stay connected & give.

The new website does just that, the stories of life changing innovation are front & center. It enables existing supporters & new visitors to quickly see the impact Atlanta Mission is making in a striking and visual way.

Once difficult to fully grasp, the new website makes it easy for a visitor to see the breath of services and support they provide.

As one measure of success, the new website donation conversion rate increased 108.7% within a few months of launching.


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