The Challenge

Cognosos had historically relied on referrals for their business but were ready to put their brand in market to drive leads. They were faced with the challenge of finding the right product-market fit. As they started to explore new verticals with their asset tracking technology, Cognosos needed a brand that was unique and spoke to their large target market.

They needed to be able to easily define their product to their growing target audience while displaying value and uniqueness in the market.


The brand strategy and visuals for a technology company like Cognosos needed to think outside the box of what they’ve always done. They were able to get very clear on their target market, finding a strong message that speaks to their audience.

The new strategy accurately reflects what sets them apart from competitors as they provide visibility and transform operations in a variety of verticals. A modern and updated logo and visual identity reflect this new strategy and the future of their business in a unique way.

The new visuals and logo are all about the idea of illumination, speaking to Cognosos’ ability to bring to light information and opportunities for transforming operations for companies, so they can make better decisions. It speaks to the innovation and power behind their technology. Bright colors in the branding bring life to their brand and help them stand apart from competitors while showing stability.

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