Snellings Walters

The challenge

Snellings Walters was ready to grow as a business. They set ambitious growth goals for 2025 and knew the keys were bringing sales and marketing together in a strategic way and recruiting the right talent to fuel growth. Initially, they weren’t sure how to achieve these goals, had dated branding, and no differentiation in their market message. Their CRM system prevented them from executing both sales improvement strategies and launching any focused marketing. Finding the right growth partner was paramount to Snellings Walters.

They wanted to be led and challenged, not just served.

The solution

We started by bringing together the partners of the organization and rebuilding the brand strategy. This new strategy brought their team focus, direction and began to bring the growth plan to life. The messaging strategies allowed for more aligned, empathetic, relationship-focused conversations with prospects which aligned with Snellings Walters culture. Once the strategy was complete, the next step was to refresh outdated sales assets and align their team with the new strategy. We were then able to build new assets, including a website, that furthered Snelling’s strong marketing message.

We then advised Snellings on selecting a new CRM that would work best for their business needs and goals. This would be key in aligning sales and marketing as well as enable more strategically focused brand and go to market strategies. We developed clear messaging for each departmental line, equipping the sales team with a uniform message to use in market to reinforce what was being presented through marketing channels. Upon completion of the department-level messaging, we needed to market to our audience in a uniform, consistent way. To do this, we implemented scalable marketing engines, including sales cadences, scripts, and full-scale digital efforts (email, paid media, and remarketing). 

  • Refreshed and rebranded marketing materials reflecting new messaging for internal recruitment sales use.
  • A more sophisticated CRM system that enables them to marry sales and marketing activities within one platform and leverage automation capabilities they did not previously have.
  • Snellings Walters is now better organized to serve their clients more effectively and stay in front of prospects in a more strategic way through targeted outbound marketing customized by product line and prospect tenure.


Jason Ogden

Jason Ogden

President at Syrup

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