2022 state of B2B report

Benchmarks, insights, and trends for the $100M and under B2B marketplace

Jason Ogden

Jason Ogden

President at Syrup

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The why

I’m so glad you’ve made your way to this State of B2B report! It’s been a long time coming and I hope the efforts that have gone into making this a reality are dwarfed by the help & guidance the report brings you!

A bit of backstory: My name is Kraig & I’m one of the Founders of Syrup – we are a brand & marketing firm that focuses exclusively on B2B companies. As we’ve served our clients and operated in this space over the past 8+ years it has become painfully clear that there is really no good place to go to determine benchmarks, insights, and trends for the $100M and under B2B marketplace.

Over the years we’ve spoken with 1,000s of businesses and leveraged the funnel framework you saw in this report to provide clarity & identify areas of opportunity. Marrying that experience with the lack of a central place to see how/what others were doing, the force began to build within Syrup to create it ourselves. This report & the assessment that supports it is the fruit of that force.

We truly hope it is a tool you and your team can use to see how you stack up, where you should invest, and where you should focus to grow your company.

Overall highlights and metrics

To see question by question breakdown, download the report!

Download the report

State of B2B PDF Preview

The method

It’s difficult to navigate the ever changing business landscape, the never ending buzz words, the always pestering ‘quick fix’ cold email peddlers…

We’ve found that the most helpful thing we can provide to a business owner or team to overcome this is a simple tool. It’s our take on the classic marketing funnel.

The beauty & power lie in its simplicity.

7 Stages that address every major leverage point for growth & maturity.

New Customers

Existing Customers


Are you taking a unique message to a unique audience?


Are you collecting the right data in order to make informed decisions?


Are you in front of prospects with the right frequency in the right ways?


Are you generating customers & onboarding well?


Are you providing surprise moments of joy to your customers?


Are you intentionally growing the lifetime value of customers?


Are you gathering client satisfaction intel & doing something with the information?

Take the assessment yourself

Take funnel assessment

If you’re looking for focus, or want to know where you should invest in order to grow your business, start here. Each question of this assessment has the power to surface an issue that is holding your organization back.

The assessment should only take about 10 min and no email required to get your results.

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Whether you want to talk about something inside the State of B2B Report, have a question about the assessment itself, or even if a question about your own marketing, we’d love to chat.

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