Stop Acquiring Customers.

by Kraig Guffey | Jun 1, 2016

I’m going to make a statement that may rock a few boats (maybe a LOT of boats).

When you acquire people in ANY other sector of humanity outside of business, do you know what we call that?


Pause to let that sink in.

It’s a key statement in business. You hear it everywhere. What’s our key to growth? Acquire more customers. What’s your customer acquisition cost? I heard this term DAILY doing advertising for large corporations. Because you know what – that’s how they view people. They look at it as a math problem. I have X dollars to Acquire X Customers. I want X dollars to acquire X customer….

This single approach is what eventually led to my self-imposed excommunication from the corporate world. The bottom line is this, a business big or small should never view its customer as someTHING you can buy or someTHING you can acquire.

A customer is someONE you earn. SomeONE your service helps. SomeONE you help.

There are very few businesses in the world that are without competition. If you have competition, that means your customer has a choice – and that breaks the “acquire” mindset. It turns into an “earned” mindset. You have to earn customers.

There is an old school lesson that has been passed down from generation to generation — When you earn something, it’s more valuable. When you earn something, you take care of it. Remember your parents telling you, “If you would have worked to earn that toy you would have taken care of it!”?

That’s what we are talking about here. Customers are something you earn. When you work hard and earn a customer you treat them better. They are taken care of. They stay around longer.

So let’s stop acquiring customers & let’s start earning them. Cool?

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