The Importance of Focus in Your Marketing Strategy

by Syrup | Sep 22, 2020

For any Marketing Services client we have the great opportunity to serve at Syrup, one thing is certain: We will apply our marketing strategy through the framework of our marketing funnel and its seven stages. Why? Because it works. It is clearly defined and brings clarity to clients about the areas they’re struggling with or really strong. 

But I’m a client who needs to focus on ALL the stages! We need help finding Champions. We need serious help with our Cultivate stage; we don’t have a great internal sales follow-up process. We need to figure out how we can Delight our customers!

Here’s the thing: our funnel exists to bring clarity and a framework; but oftentimes with clarity can come the overwhelming realization that there’s a lot of work to do to better your business

….and that’s okay! In fact, it’s great; it’s an opportunity to make your business better than it was yesterday, last month, last year, and help it grow. But it’s important to prioritize and find the one area that needs your immediate attention before you move onto other areas. It’s like cleaning a house, right? You don’t clean 20% of the kitchen and then leave to go clean 20% of the living room. Or maybe you do, in which case my Enneagram 1 wing would really like to have a word with you. My point is: without prioritization, you’re suddenly faced with multiple projects and initiatives, each taking time (and importance) away from the other. Lacking focus causes distractions, which causes work quality and results to suffer. 

At Syrup, we meet with Marketing Services clients every quarter to evaluate past 90-day performance but, most importantly, we review the next 90 day objectives. This is our opportunity to review our clients’ funnel performance with them and determine what area of the funnel we need to focus on together for the quarter ahead that will help achieve your business objectives. We sometimes have to help provide focus to clients during these meetings and that’s okay. That’s what we’re here for — we won’t let you get distracted.

We’ll work with you to determine what’s most important in the 90 days ahead, work together to address that area and continue on that march together before we meet again 90 days later to review and prioritize again.  

Do you need help finding focus in your business? We are here to be your partner. Let’s talk about how we help grow small companies and how we can help you. 

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