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by Lauren VanDame | Apr 6, 2021

I used to hate building emails. There, I said it. Okay, maybe hate is a little bit of a strong word, but I always dreaded having to try to recreate an awesome email design in some not-so-awesome email builders. The builders in the platforms we use were anything but user-friendly and had so many design limitations. Not to mention, it was extremely hard to customize the design to be mobile-friendly — something that is SO important for emails to be these days. 

I began to research other tools and options for building emails and came across a platform that has completely revolutionized the way our emails are created: Stripo. You know when you upgrade something and you don’t know how you ever lived life with what you were using previously? A new phone, new golf clubs, new car, you name it. That’s how I felt when switching over to Stripo to build emails for our clients.

Here are a few specific ways Stripo has helped up our email game drastically:

First off, Stripo is incredibly user-friendly. Before, only a few select people on our team could build emails because of how difficult the builders were to learn. Now, with a little training, anyone from any seat on our team can build them. This is due to Stripo’s amazing drag-and-drop template feature. A designer on our team will create the initial email broadcast template which can then be duplicated every month and easily updated by anyone with new content and images. This has allowed me as a designer to focus on doing what I do best — designing the emails.

Stripo also has a bunch of awesome pre-created templates, so you don’t even need a designer to create a beautiful email. Below is an example of a basic newsletter template within Stripo that you could easily apply your own colors, content, images and company logo to.

Stripo example of newsletter drag-and-drop template

Secondly, Stripo has the option to create a custom version of the email for mobile. You heard me right. No more “hoping” your email will look okay on mobile or having a developer customize the code of the email so it does. You can adjust font sizes, image sizes, and control which images and text appear on mobile all with a few clicks. At any time while you are building, you can also preview your design on mobile and desktop at the same time. You can see an example with our Sweet Ramblings email below.

Syrup's Sweet Ramblings email shown on desktop and mobile in Stripo

Lastly, I simply love Stripo because it creates a centralized place to create and build emails no matter what email service providers you use to actually send the emails. Before, we were creating emails in several different builders. Now, we create all of our emails in Stripo. 

Since implementing Stripo we’ve been able to build emails more efficiently, create better emails for our clients, and ultimately, replace several tools with one. And that’s always a win in my book.

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