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by Kraig Guffey | Sep 6, 2022

“Hey, Wilson!”

It’s Tool Time Again!

As you’ve seen here, here, here, & here, we love tools that help make complicated things easier. And this post features one we’ve been using more and more recently.


The backstory:

Online survey tools have been around for quite some time – tools like SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, and Typeform. We have used all of these tools over the years to get feedback from clients, to ask Net Promoter Score questions on behalf of clients, to get internal direction from our team, and for many other reasons. Each of these tools has gotten more sophisticated and more helpful, adding things like conditional logic, custom end screens, and cross-device usage.

But all of these tools have one thing in common and all have one thing missing when compared to VideoAsk.

Each of these tools asks questions via text that must be read and must be responded to with text that must be read.

All in all, this isn’t awful – having SOME feedback is better than having NO feedback. But one thing we know from decades of email & text messaging is that text can be misinterpreted, it can lack tone, and it can lack personality. And when seeing feedback that could be critical in making future decisions, the way a question is interpreted could drastically change the answer a person gives.

Enter VideoAsk to help us solve this problem.

Video screenshot showing what VideoAsk videos and logic look like


Screenshot showing what you can do with VideoAsk


VideoAsk does just what its name suggests – it allows you to ask questions via video. And it also allows the respondent to answer the question via video, audio only, or text (whichever they are comfortable with). Asking questions via video allows you to pass along all the context, emotion, personality, and tone you’d like to ensure the respondent fully understands the question AND allows the respondent to do the same thing!

We have started using VideoAsk to do customer interviews, get internal feedback from the team, send to clients so they can gather more rich responses from their clients, and for creating short bits of social and email content from subject matter experts within the walls of our clients.

Not only are the answers more personable – the way the platform works eliminates the need for the two parties to play calendar jockey and find a time that works for both. The platform allows for the survey creator to record each question via their browser & webcam and then turns those questions into a browser-hosted form.

That means all the recipient has to do is click a link & the platform opens easily in their browser. No software to download and no permissions to set. It is pretty seamless.

You can see many of use cases on the VideoAsk website here:

If you are currently using other static forms to collect information, consider giving VideoAsk a spin! Your recipients will get the full context, tone, and personality of you asking the question(s), and you’ll get the same in the response, producing a more thorough response & higher quality information gathering.

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