Upping our Coffee Game

So we just got a new coffee brewer for the new office. Our old coffee machine was… terrible. A few of the attributes that necessitated the switch:

  • The carafe dripped while pouring
  • The coffee in the pot was stratospheric, rendering the top of the pot weak and the bottom too strong
  • Acidic taste

Now, all drip coffee machines are basically the same thing, they percolate hot water over grounds. Our new machine does not deviate from this process, just masters it.


What we bought: http://www.technivorm.com/products/brewers_for_small_offices/cd_grand_18_litres_ao/

They superbly stated the quality difference on their homepage:

The brewing quality of our coffee makers is beyond dispute and guarantee a first class beverage due to the fact that brewing temperature and water/coffee contact time as well as holding temperature are in accordance with the critical requirements of the European Coffee Brewing Centre and the Speciality Coffee Association of America and Europe. Needless to say that we are proud to carry their seal of approval for all our coffee makers.


So come on in and talk with us about how we can systematically grow your business while enjoying a fresh cup on us.

Lars Miller

Lars is a front-end and WordPress developer.