What’s your brand built on?

by Benj Miller | May 31, 2022

When you’re building a brand, there are really two roads you have to think about:

Road 1 is the more functional road. This is all about your product and/or service. What is it you actually do? It’s here where you have to have a strong value proposition that states why your product/goods/services are superior in the market. What makes your brand unique?

Road 2 is the emotional and experience-oriented road. What’s the experience people (will) have with your brand? This is everything from how you answer the phone to how clients are treated, and even how they feel when they’re on your website. You have to set an emotional journey for your brand. 

Some brands are built on one of these roads, but great brands are built on both. It’s a parallel journey we all have to go down – Both roads are equally important.

As you look at your brand today, how confident are you in each of these roads? 

Are you further down one road? 

Do you need to spend some time catching up?

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