3 Sure Signs it’s Time to Refresh Your Logo

by Kate Neri | Oct 17, 2017

Is your logo a good representation of your brand? Is it clear, recognizable, and modern? If you’re having any doubts, it may be time for a refresh.

95% of communication is nonverbal – so, what are you telling the market with that logo of yours?

Here are 3 ways to know it’s time for a refresh:

  1. You’ve grown out of it. Maybe you had the hippest look in the 1980’s. Maybe your company has matured and evolved since your logo was created. Does your logo still represent your company? Your values, your flavors, your mission? If you’ve outgrown your current logo, it’s time to update. If it includes outdated elements, you may only need a refresh, but there’s a chance it’s time for a full redesign — especially if it doesn’t accurately depict what you want to communicate to the market.
  2. It’s too complicated. Have you tried to represent any and everything about your company in one mark? Is your logo so detailed and intricate that it’s hard to scale and use in different branded collateral, marketing, and swag? It may be time to take a step back and simplify. Everyone can use a spring cleaning now and again — even your brand identity.
  3. You have a new bullseye. The center of the target for your company’s brand strategy should always be the WHO. Who are you for? Who do you exist in business for? Has this changed or evolved? If so, this is a sure sign it’s time to refresh your logo to speak to that audience.

BONUS: How consistent are you with your brand? Consistency is essential in building brand recognition and equity. Does your marketing flyer look like your website and your website like those sweet new polos you just ordered for the team? If not, take some time to establish the essentials of your brand and how you want to use your logo. A set of brand guidelines is an awesome tool to help you and your team maintain that consistency!

Here are some of our favorite logo before & afters:

OED before

OED after

Corporate Environments beforeCorporate Environments new

Sphere One beforeSphere One after

Here at Syrup, we believe in building brands from the inside out. Knowing who you are, who you are for, and why you exist is essential in building a strong brand and a strong company.

If you’re seeing some of these signs, it may be time for a brand refresh. We’d love to start a conversation.

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