Web Design & Development

Is Your Website A Sales & Marketing Asset?

A website that is a sales & marketing asset has these things in common:

Design that is clear, helpful, and memorable // Content that speaks directly to your audience // Technology that is trusted & adaptable // Direction that calls your prospects to take action

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"IO Education selected Syrup to translate our new brand identity into a web presence that would become the hub our company.

The Syrup team worked hand-in-hand with us to turn our vision into reality. We are really happy with the site that Syrup built for IO Education and will certainly continue to engage our partners at Syrup as we evolve over time."

Eric Miller

Eric Miller

IO Education, Director of Marketing & Lead Generation

"Their work for us is freaking awesome!

It’s not just about understanding my company intellectually, but they want to understand our heart, purpose and passion, which is something we have not experienced before. "

David McMillian

David McMillian

President, McMillian & Associates

"They come through even when our ministries want our web sites to spit glitter."

Chris Ames

Chris Ames

Director of Digital Environments, North Point Ministries

The Process


During the creative brief, we gain in-depth knowledge of your business needs as well as a clear understanding for the look and feel we will need to communicate your brand visually.


Foundation & wireframes will serve as a blueprint for the structure and layout of the home page of your site. This sets the tone and establishes a flow for the website, while also meeting functionality requirements of the site.


Using the information that was gathered during the creative brief discussion, our experienced design team will present a digital inspiration board to provide ideas for the look and functionality of the site. Using the feedback from this presentation, we can gather critical insight on your needs and preferences, which will inspire amazing design. All site content is due at this point and required to move into design.


With a focus on the feedback of the Wireframes and inspiration board, design comps of the homepage are presented. Using your feedback on these initial comps, we will proceed with revisions to the homepage and comps for any sub or specialty pages (if applicable) in the next two rounds of design. All sites utilize responsive web design practices to maximize engagement of mobile and tablet traffic.


With Design and scope of work approved, and all content in hand, we can begin the Development phase. At the completion of Development, you will be provided with a working version of the site. All sites (unless otherwise noted) are built leveraging the WordPress platform for content management and search optimization.

User Testing & Launch

You and your team thoroughly explore the finished product. This User Testing phase serves as an opportunity to create one final “punch list” of all edits and code tweaks needed before the site launches. Once the User Testing phase is complete, final edits have been made, and final approval has been given, the site is launched. We rally for a high-five and a training session on how to manage and update your new site.