Approaching Cold Outreach

by Syrup | Apr 19, 2022


Why in business, in marketing, and sometimes in our personal lives, do we overcomplicate seemingly everything we touch?

Seriously – it’s like a curse.

At least, it seems like we are always overcomplicating things.

That’s why I aimed for this post to be simple.

Maybe it’s an example, maybe it will serve as inspiration as you go about creating…

When it comes to cold outreach (and a bunch of other tactics to be honest) – all you need to do is:

  • Keep it honest
  • Keep it helpful
  • Keep it simple

I mean, it doesn’t get simpler than a 3 bullet point list, am I right?

Example of this playing out in a cold email for our Funnel Assessment Content:

Keep it honest:

Steve – we haven’t met, and yes this is a cold email, but it is a thoughtful one. We are only reaching out to B2B Software/Service marketing & sales folks in companies under $60M in revenue.

Keep it helpful:

Working in this particular B2B space we found it damn near impossible to find reliable benchmarks around Sales & Marketing execution – am I doing Good? Bad? Ugly?

So we created an assessment that is gathering data from other B2B players to help 1) them understand where to invest in their own Marketing & Sales & 2) To compile the data and issue a “State of B2B” report so that everyone can evaluate & improve.

Totally free.

Keep it simple:

You can head here to see an example “result.”

You can head here to take the assessment for yourself.

Hope it brings you & your team clarity that you haven’t had before.


In this first outreach, I’m not trying to be cute. I’m not trying to “book a meeting.” I’m not trying to GET.

I’m trying to GIVE.

Maybe this funnel exercise will prompt questions.
Maybe it will cause the contact to reach out and ask.

But one thing I have learned for certain in this business – You can not CONVINCE someone to want/need you. They have to get there on their own – your content may help (good thing), your consistency may keep you top of mind (good thing), your service model may make it easy to say yes (very good thing), but those things won’t make it happen.

So stop pretending that a clever slogan or “personalized, but clearly templated” email is somehow going to generate leads worth closing.

Keep it honest.

Keep it helpful.

Keep is simple.

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